Powder equipment bale opener hotline:0551-66377999
Eye washer hotline:0551-65778990
Specializing in the design, research, development and manufacturing of solid bulk material conveying equipment, accident eye washing and shower equipment and non-standard equipment.
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Hefei Xulong Machinery Co., Ltd.

Add:Crossroad of Fengxia Rd. and Weiwu Rd, Shuangdun Town, Hefei, Anhui Province, China, 231131
Powder equipment bale opener hotline:0551-66377999
Eye washer hotline:0551-65778990

“XULONG” has been founded in 1980’s. After more than 30 years’ hard work, Xulong becomes a famous brand in special valve machinery industry, especially has a leading position in China for Pneumatic conveying components.  Xulong Group has one headquarter office located in Wenzhou city and two main factories:  Hefei Xulong Machinery Co., Ltd (in Hefei city)  and Shandong Zhending Machinery Co.,Ltd .(in Qingzhou City).

Hefei Xulong Machinery Co., Ltd.  majors in Pneumatic conveying  valves and equipment, also provides safety shower& eyewasher equipment .From 2014,Hefei Xulong started the development for bale breaker and now has 4 different series of bale breaker.

Xulong has 12 items of national patent and 1 item of national new product award. In the past 30 years Xulong obtained all kinds of necessary certificate including ISO9001,ISO14001, API, CE, FM/UL, TS etc.

In China, you can find Xulong’s products in any places where the petrochemical factories locate. And now, Xulong’s products covers range of not only petrochemical industry but also rubber industry, food industry, medicine industry etc.

What’s more, Xulong has extensive contact and cooperation with all of the first-class design institutes in China and many mainstream engineering corporations both in China and overseas.

We know a golden brand builded with credibility and integrigty .We always treat our brand of Xulong as our eyes and treat our customers as our God.

We look forward to creating a fantastic career with you .