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Specializing in the design, research, development and manufacturing of solid bulk material conveying equipment, accident eye washing and shower equipment and non-standard equipment.
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Powder equipment bale opener hotline:0551-66377999
Eye washer hotline:0551-65778990

Xu Long Machinery adhere to the"people-oriented"concept of talent, standardize human resources management, commitment to building first-class talent mechanism, "encouragement and sharing" Xu Lung mechanical human resources management core, the company continued to explore the modern enterprise pay and benefits system, the establishment of Improve the training system.

Xu Long mechanical talent strategy

1、People-oriented, broad gather excellence
2、Can authorize, meritorious subject by Paul
3、In order to be able to hire: regardless of seniority, who can, under the mediocre, fair competition, the survival of the fittest;
4、To keep things: the implementation of the goal of the project, the management of knowledge, so that specific things to keep people, to keep facts;
5、The emotional people: the implementation of "limited employee equity plan", to make a significant contribution to the staff, especially senior technical developers, managers, marketers, in accordance with the principle of distribution according to work shares.
6、Know people good at work: According to personal strengths for the corresponding work arrangements, personal goals and the development of the company closely.

Many opportunities for appreciation

The Company stepped up the management of the personnel involved in the division into posts and took the first centralized training method so that the pre-service training covers every employee.

Flexible management

While offering a variety of training opportunities, employees are encouraged to perform internal and external changes to their positions and to make employees perform better. The internal competition system, which started in early 2008, provided more competition and development opportunities for employees.