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Powder equipment bale opener hotline:0551-66377999
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Sectoral dynamics

Release date :2021-12-09  number of visits:0
With the rapid development of information technology and advanced manufacturing technology, the depth and breadth of the development of intelligent manufacturing equipment in our country are increasing day by day.The industrial system of intelligent manufacturing equipment, represented by intelligent control system, industrial robot and automatic complete production line, Major smart valve is making a major impact on the breakthrough.
Valves are an integral part of industrial piping. China is the world's largest consumer and production valve, but as China's CNC machine tools in the design, materials, technology, parts processing and so there is still a big gap with foreign countries, the domestic high-end valves in the production capacity is very low, each year Still need to import a large number of high-end valves from abroad. The future development of the valve industry gradually automated, intelligent, green direction.
As one of the most important equipment for manufacturing and processing industrial equipment, the machine tool is constantly moving towards intelligence. CNC machine tools, it has created a integrated precision manufacturing technology and related technologies, computer software and hardware technology, and network technology compatible with the precedent, started the development of human intelligent production tools. When CNC machine tools through the numerical control device gradually with the logic to judge and teach the function, the smart features began to pay more attention to the valve industry.
The intelligent machine tool is a machine tool that makes judgments and decisions about the valve manufacturing process. Intelligent machine tools to understand the entire process of manufacturing, to monitor, diagnose and correct in the production process of all kinds of deviations. And for the optimization of production programs. In addition, the remaining life of the cutting tools, spindles, bearings and guides used can be calculated to give the user an idea of the remaining life and replacement time.
The emergence of intelligent machine tools for the future valve industry to achieve full production automation to create the conditions. The intelligent machine tool can improve machining accuracy and efficiency of machine tool by automatically suppressing vibration, reducing thermal deformation, preventing interference, automatically adjusting the amount of lubricant, reducing noise and the like. For further development of integrated manufacturing systems, the increased automation of a single machine can significantly reduce the amount of man-machine effort required to manage the machine.
Smart machines allow people to have more energy and time to solve complex problems outside the machine tool, and to further develop intelligent machine tools and intelligent systems. CNC system development and innovation, intelligent machine tool has played an extremely important role. It can accommodate a lot of information, all kinds of information storage, analysis, processing, judgment, regulation, optimization and control. Intelligent machine tools also have important functions such as: Workholding Database, Conversational Programming, Tool Path Verification, Process Processing Time Analysis, Start-up Time Analysis, Actual Process Load Monitoring, Machining Navigation, Tuning, Optimization, and Adaptive Control. In other words, the machine evolved to send messages and think on their own, adapting to the requirements of a flexible and efficient production system.
The development of information technology and its integration with traditional machine tools make the machine tool develop in the direction of digitization, integration and intelligence. Digital manufacturing equipment, digital production line, digital factory application space will be more and more large; and the use of intelligent technology to achieve multi-information fusion under the reorganization and optimization of intelligent decision-making process control, error compensation intelligent control, complex curved surface machining trajectory Optimized control, fault self-diagnosis and intelligent maintenance, as well as information integration and other functions, will greatly enhance the forming and machining accuracy and improve manufacturing efficiency, CNC machine tools need to strengthen the intelligent judgments on information.

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