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Powder equipment bale opener hotline:0551-66377999
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Sectoral dynamics

Release date :2021-12-09  number of visits:0
Precision forging technology is one of the developing trend of forging technology in today's developed countries. Using precision forging technology can improve the accuracy of valve products, reduce the consumption of raw materials, improve the life of valve mold, reduce processing waste, reduce energy consumption and reduce costs .
Forging machinery industry started in the 1950s, in the seventies and eighties that the main forging machinery to achieve self-sufficiency, and China's valve industry is to rely on product quality and cheap in the world market, occupy an increasing share of the world.
According to "Prospect Industry Research Institute released 2014-2018 China forging machinery manufacturing market demand forecast and investment strategic planning analysis report" analysis: China's foundry and forging machinery industry there is still a long range of basic specifications of the full range of varieties, but the middle and low product surplus, The lack of high-end products.
Forging machinery industry has traditionally been considered simple and extensive equipment, the use of the environment is far worse than other machine tools. Although a considerable number of products have been high level, the manufacture of fine casting equipment, forging equipment and even the complete set of production lines, it is still difficult to change its low barriers to entry, manufacturing extensive status quo
From China forging machinery import and export data to be proven: imports are exported 3.3 times, imported CNC forging machine is 1.78 times the total exports. Casting machinery import and export contrast is exactly the same. This reflects the market demand for high-end products increased significantly, but also reflects the domestic high-end products in the technical level, there is a clear lack of output value, unable to meet customer needs in product quality, technical indicators, customer service and so on. For small and medium size, ordinary type of products we only solve the problem with or without high-end products still rely on imports; in large, heavy, special equipment, the problem is even more prominent. Our domestic market share of CNC machine tools has reached 57%, but the majority of this share of data constitutes a low-end CNC machine tools, belonging to the lower part of the high-end.
Faced with this trend of development of precision forging technology forging machinery put forward new requirements, so developed countries make extensive use of hot forging presses, cold forging, warm forging presses and precision punching presses and other precision forging machinery and equipment . Thanks to the extensive use of precision forging equipment, forgings produced in developed countries can reach very high levels of precision, for example, valve forgings with a mass tolerance of less than ± 2%, a 1mm grinding allowance for part machining allowances Near the net shape, so that greatly saving manpower, reduce energy consumption, reduce costs is an irreversible trend of development in the future.

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